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Monday, July 23, 2012

Sugar Grilled Asparagus

I'm a griller.  I grill.  No, really, I have been grilling!!! This is one realm that I have very little experience in but with a great big grill right outside at my disposal, why not??

Grilling isn't just about meat, you can also do great veggies.  As I am attempting to eat healthy and integrating more vegetables into my diet, asparagus is a great thing to put on the grill.  There are a lot of ways to season asparagus but I wanted to try something different so I tried a recipe for Sugar Grilled Asparagus and I am I happy I did.  It's probably the best asparagus I've ever had and it is sooooooo easy! If you love the sweet/savory combo as much as I do, this is for you.

Sugar Grilled Asparagus
1 bunch asparagus, thick stalks cut off at the end
olive oil
white sugar

Roll the asparagus in olive oil then roll them in sugar.  Salt.  Place asparagus directly on the grill over medium heat until cooked, approximately 20 minutes.  Turn and move asparagus often so as not to burn the sugar.  Once the sugar caramelizes, move to low heat if necessary.

That's it! This asparagus is a great compliment to anything else on the grill.

Good eatin',


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